Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For those who may wonder...

Why is my mind my enemy?

Let me start with an example:

My last post was all about how I was learning how to rig clothing for 3D figures, mainly because conforming clothing is MUCH less resource-intensive than dynamics, although dynamics are much easier to setup.

Well, so much for that.  I've starting playing with Luxrender now and have completely discarded all thoughts of rigging clothing.  Additionally, I have found a way to use poser-rigged figures in 3dsMax (and as long as I go to school, I'll be able to continue using it).  3dsMax has a cloth conforming clothes are not required, it just means I have to do all my scene composition with "nekkid" figures and add the clothing last.

This all comes about while I am working on a d6 fantasy space-western tabletop RPG that I am running every-other weekend, playing guitar again, trying to keep my job, deciding on what clutter/old stuff I want to get rid of, keeping up with this blog, rendering fun stuff for myself (for deviantart gallery), modeling (because it is actually fun when the project is finished...and I have a lot of unfinished projects, lol) AND keep up with my family and friends.

But in my mind, when I see something I want to do, by golly I start doing it!  Finishing it has always been the hard part.

The programs I am just starting to mess with at this time consist of:  3dsMax, CADD, the rest of the AutoDesk suite (at least, whatever I can get to run on my computer) and Blender PLUS I'm still working with DAZ|Studio, Carrara and Hexagon at least until I find out if I like one of the others better.

LOTRO and DDO have pretty much been set on the back burner at another house, I have not been on DDO for about 2 months and LOTRO recieves about an hour or two a week of my attention.

So, if you follow this blog, just remember this post when I jump from topic to topic at random times  :)