Monday, April 28, 2014

Vaping: New Tank, Anyvape Gamma

For awhile now, like most new vapers, I have been using what is known as a "Kanger-style" tank.

"Kanger-style" products are very prolific, easy to use, and able to be rebuilt, for a low-cost.  I have enjoyed using the Davide tank from Anyvape Products for a little over a month, my first glass tank.

The Davide is great, I love that it holds a lot of juice, 3ml, enough to last me about a day and a half or so.  When needed, changing the coil was simply a matter of unscrewing the housing with the burnt wick and screwing in the new wick.

I was bothered though, the flavors of the juice, no matter type of tank I used, were not consistent.  Sometimes the flavor was strong, at other times it tasted like chemicals.  I tried switching to cotton wicks.  The chemical taste, mostly, went away.  Unfortunately, it was replaced with a taste similar to the smell of a burnt t-shirt.  Not always present, I thought I was just burning through the wicks too fast.  Not the case.

So I started thinking about "dripping."  Dripping is a process of vaping where you, literally, drip a few drops onto the wick and atomizer, take a few hits, and rinse repeat til you are satisfied.  I had the opportunity to read posts online from drippers relating to the full-bodied tastes of their juice.

With my previous curiosity regarding dripping, and some of the research I performed online, looking for mods that are a sort of hybrid between the easy-to-use Kanger-style and the dripping method.

A new shop opened up close to where I work, I had heard many good things about the owners first vaping store in a nearby town, so I definitely wanted to check it out.

I went in a couple days after the opening of the new store.  Had a chance to taste a few new flavors and talk about hardware.

The Kraken, from Vicious Ant, is what one of the employees was using.  One of the wonderful features of the Davide, and the Kraken, is that the mouthpiece is removable.  This allows you to use your own mouthpiece to sample flavors and mobs from other people with similar tanks.

The Kraken hit smooth, very smooth, and produced wonderful flavor.  It was a little on the uncomfortably-priced side, so I went with the Anyvape Gamma, a similar tank about $10 on the more-comfortable side.

The Gamma, until you find the sweet-spot, will hit like a train.  With the easily manipulated airflow regulator, finding that sweet-spot is not hard.  Simply, a twist with the thumb will cover or uncover the airholes.

The flavor from the dual-coil atomizer is great, the vape is great.  Absolutely loving it so far.  Taking a bit of time to get used to firing it for a second or three before taking the hit, but that will fade.  And, like the Kraken and the Davide, the mouthpiece is removable!

Three days in with this tank and I have very few complaints.
  1. Hard to fill: The fill hole is very small and although with practice you can get it filled somewhat quickly, it is not as easy as the Kanger Style tanks to fill.
  2. Hard to empty: I had a new flavor in the tank, and I wanted to find out what my old flavor tasted like.  Removing the juice from the Davide is simple, take the top off the bottle and pour it out.  Removing the juice from the Gamma, due to the small fill hole, is more a matter of sucking it out with the bottle, if there is an easier way, I am currently unaware.
Those are my only issues with this tank, I may have more in the coming weeks, as I burn through the wick, but as of now I love it!