Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SLA Industries: Session: le Duece

(yes, I mixed the languages in the title on purpose, to make you cringe...on to the recap)

Second session for the Squad "Out with a Bang."

Only three players were able to make it this time:
  • Grundy, played by Bob
  • Kr'snch, played by Ryan
  • Hunter, played by Brandon
Our story takes place a few days after the last, with the Shaktar and Wraith Raider healed of the wounds they sustained from the DN Snipers.

Grundy invited the squad over for a few drinks, but they had other ideas and convinced him to grab a quick BPN.

They nabbed a Blue from a financier(ish) contact they had met at Slayer's Crib during the last session.  The Financier Group known as "Flaming Turkeys" is an up-and-coming operation, still low on the pole, so their BPNs are never the good ones.

The Blue was a simple seek-and-destroy in the sewers, something was killing civilians near a hatch that had been broken during the previous days GoreZone episode in Downtown.

It was simple enough, the squad went in, had some fun with a 20 foot crocodile and got paid.

The highlights included:
  • Kr'snch being grabbed by the crocodile and unable to reach his melee weapons as it was trying to drag him into the sewage
  • Grundy jumping on the back of the crocodile to help his squadmate
  • Kr'snch was able to dodge a "deathroll" due to the Stormer holding onto the beast
  • Once free from the crocodile's mouth, Kr'snch was able to watch the crocodile try and shake the Stormer loose by rolling
  • The squad members being told by a Health and Safety agent not to speak of the crocodile
Was great fun!

We did call it a little early due to the rest of the squad not being able to make it, so it was pretty short.

The BPN was written a long time ago and can be found at, in the pdf titled "Several BPN's by Max Hattuer."  The title of the BPN was "The Basic Blue," due to the small squad size I reduced the number of crocodiles, also, having only the single crocodile seemed to fit the backstory better.

In retrospect, maybe I should have added in a time, my time...

Friday, June 21, 2013

It is Hard to Read an E-Zine on the Toilet

Getting back into the gaming "zone" after 10 years of "here and there" I am noticing a lot of changes.  One of those being the absence of all those great gaming magazines.

Dragon, Dungeon, White Wolf, White Dwarf, SHADIS (yeah...that died in the 90s but I still miss it).  Where did they all go?  What replaces the void?  Did printing costs really go up that much, or were the smaller print run magazines over-doing themselves with quality paper?

Books seem to be the same way, just about every game has multiple pdf's available, for the same price as the actual book in many cases.  Seems a bit of a ploy to me.

I want a REAL book, a REAL magazine to read.  Something I can take to the kitchen table or work to read when times are slow.  A physical something that I can read while sitting with the family in the living room hanging out.

That being said, I really do love the print quality of the books that are being released, but do they really need to be $30-$40 (US)?  If so, why does the pdf need to be about the same cost, surely those are a lot cheaper to 'print' for the company.

Wishful thinking, I know.  With the prevalence of tablets and smartphones the printed book is on its way out.  Soon, you won't be able to loan out the players guide to that new person in the group unless you hand them the entire tablet.

If you know of any good RPG e-zines out there, link to them in the comments please, I'll be sure to add them to my smartphone browser, its a small screen, but at least its portable.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

SLA Industries: Out with a BANG!

First session of new SLA Industries campaign, fun had by all.

Squad Name:  Out With a BANG!
Squad Roster:
  • Grundy - 313 Malice Sector Ranger (Bob)
  • Cpt Morrigan - Frother Death Squad (Ian)
  • Fairamay - Brain Waster I&I (Nikki)
  • Hunter - Wraith Raider KMS (Brandon)
  • Kr'nsh - Shaktar KMS (Ryan)
  • Dr Feelgood - Frother Medic (Zach)
BPNs ran during this session:
  • Blue - TrafficSLOps
  • Red - Sniper Hunt
  • Yellow - Let Them Eat Cake

Thrown together by bureaucratic process, the new Operatives were given a Blue BPN per standard procedure.

The mission was simple:  Head downtown to target location and assist SHIVER unit with traffic control until lights can be repaired.

Problem was, there were two rival street gangs shooting at each other with the SHIVERs caught in the crossfire.

While the squad was planning on what to do, Grundy stepped forward and was able to talk down the gangs.  The Manic Mongoose gang took off leaving the Kobra Khan gang to fend for themselves against the Operative squad.

Kobra Khan members were allowed to retrieve a couple of trapped gang members and leave.

Other than minor disturbances from civilians upset for being in traffic so long, nothing major happened until after the repair crew finished up and the traffic was flowing again.

While the squad was speaking with the SHIVER sergeant his head exploded in a red mist, and the squad was assigned a Red BPN to eliminate the DN Sniper team reported in the area.  These two events happened at almost the exact same time.

Realizing where the shot came from, the Wraith, Shaktar and both Frothers start heading for the fire escape on the side of the building to get to the sniper, the 'Waster and Stormer head for the front of the building.

The Wraith takes a shot in the back, obviously not from the sniper they are headed for, and the Shaktar turns towards the building on the other side of the street. Fairamay and Grundy happen to spot the other sniper after Kr'nsh reports what happened.

The two frothers and the Wraith continue up the fire escape while Grundy and Kr'nsh provide cover fire against the other sniper.  The second sniper goes down and Fairamay reports two more DN Operatives on the second roof.  Kr'nsh and Fairamay start heading for the fire escape on that building while Grundy moves to a position where he can see the front entrance.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of the way up the first building, a DN Operative drops a blast grenade down the fire escape, the Wraith jumps and rolls avoiding any serious injury, the Medic dives through a window and the Death Squad jumps to a ledge as the grenade goes off mangling the upper level of the fire escape.

The 3-man sniper team on the first building starts to run back through the interior stairwell, only to be met with fire from the Medics FEN AR, as the Death Squad makes it to the roof.

The second DN team seems to fair a bit better, after losing the sniper they immediately began retreating through the buildings stairwell, the 'Waster and Shaktar giving chase.  Upon reaching the ground floor, they come face to barrel with Grundy's assault rifle, and surrender.

The first team, at this point, has surrendered to the squad in the stairwell.  The Wraith grabs one by the throat for dropping the grenade and the Medic pulls out his claymore and starts hacking at one of the other two.

A concussive force leaves them all a bit woozy as the DN Operative held by the Wraith drops another concussion grenade, the Wraith drops him but manages to stay conscious, the two Frothers manage to stay on their feet easily with the combat drugs pumping through them.

The Medic takes one prisoner, the Death Squad kills another and the Wraith has an idea...

Back in with the second DN team, Grundy has them at gunpoint as Fairamay walks up behind them from the stairwell...BAM!  A single point-blank shot to the back of the DN Ops head takes him down, his team mate panics and runs, quickly taken down by the Shaktar and Grundy.

Feelgood comes in with the live DN Operative and shoots him up with Honesty so they can get information regarding any DN contacts they may have, Fairaway questions him and they get a name 'Billy,' a time and place where the team was supposed to report back before he dies from his wounds and the shock from the Shaktar torturing him.

Grundy calls in the information hoping to get a follow-up BPN, and the squad moves back to the street for SHIVER retrieval of the evidence.

Just in time to see the Death Squad and Wraith Raider throw the remaining DN Operative off the roof, who proceeds to explode in mid-air, raining a bit of blood and gore onto the street.

Feeling mighty good about their first BPN together, the squad heads to the Pit for a quick drink and decides to grab another BPN before calling it a day.

After working their way through the lines, filling out paperwork and waiting for an hour or two inside Slayers Crib, the Operatives are approached by a man in a suit, a low-ranking financier trying to get started.

He offers them up on a Yellow, retrieval of a Welfare Distribution Vehicle that went missing on its way to an orphanage, somewhat close to their earlier BPN location.

The squad accepts and heads quickly to the last known location of the truck.

They find two bodies, riddled with bullet holes and picked clean.  Luckily, they also find tracks in the refuse and grim showing the way the vehicle went.

Moving down the street towards a warehouse district the squad encounters some members of the Manic Mongoose gang, who uncooperatively tell them to bug off if they cannot pay for information.

So Grundy talks to one of the homeless in the area, trading his SLA Industries issues contraceptives and Klippo lighter for information.

After finding out the location of the truck, 3rd Eye is called in to observe the raid on the warehouse that the thieves are held up in.

Fairamay sneaks in through a sidedoor, Kr'nsh and Hunter head for the roof, Feelgood and Morrigan setup around the back with Grundy and the Media operative at the front.

Inside the warehouse, Fairamay reports the location of the vehicle, 4 DN Armoured people and 3 SHIVERs with a SHIVER APC.

Grundy pounds on the warehouse door and the thieves head for the APC and start closing the door, Fairamay tosses a grenade, too far to have any impact, Kr'nsh rappels in with his KK30 barking, Hunter moves to get in position, Feelgood and Morrigan come in through the back door rolling a grenade under the APC.

The grenade has no effect due to the APC's armour, Fairamay moves to secure  the truck, Grundy kicks open the door, the APC starts up, Kr'nsh lands on top of the APC, Feelgood and Morrigan start heading for the sides of the vehicle.

Grundy moves to jump onto the back of the welfare vehicle, with the plan to get a good shot at the APC, and misses the roof, landing in a pile of food in the back of the truck.  He quickly recovers and moves out the drivers side to assist with the APC.

Kr'nsh, realizing that he can not do much good on top of the APC with his Power Disc moves towards the drivers hatch, Feelgood and Morrigan manage to get on top of the APC and Grundy is just fast enough to grab onto the back.

Grundy manages to rip open the rear hatch as Morrigan tears open the top hatch and the thieves inside are met with a hail of rounds from Grundy's 603 and Feelgoods FEN AR.

As the driver exits the hail of ricocheting bullets inside the APC Kr'nsh removes his unarmoured head with one swipe from his powerdisc.

Fairamy moves through the open back hatch with her chainaxe as Kr'nsh moves in through the drivers hatch.  The two of them finish off the dying thieves.

BPN complete, they call in to have SHIVERs retrieve their missing APC and remove the bodies.  The squad returns the Welfare truck to its distribution center and a short 60 second spot of the squad rescuing the food and money that was meant for an orphanage from the evils of DarkNight subversives greats them as they get home.

Not bad for the first session.