Monday, August 5, 2013

SLA Industries: Out with a Bang meet Jack and Jill

With the squad being down to Grundy, Hunter, Cappin and Doc due to the missing Shaktar and Brain Waster the financier group 'Flaming Turkeys,' where they have been getting a few BPNs from, sends in a Sniper to help them out a bit.

After quickly burning through the newbies Blue BPN they decided to get back to business and call up Jonesy at Flaming Turkeys.

Offered a Grey BPN the squad happily accepts.  Simple work.  There is a Channel Resistance uplink cell in Industrial Sector 86 that has holed up in an abandoned building.

Arriving in the area, the squad parks the APC a couple blocks away and heads in on foot.  Upon getting to the building, Grundy attempts to weld the doors of the main entrance, briefly harassed by what appears to be a security guard who is waved off by Hunters SLA badge, and moves to the back door, leaving Hunter to watch the main entrance.

The Sniper, Terry, is placed on an adjacent rooftop to assist and Cappin heads around to the loading dock to find an entrance.

Doc and Grundy enter the building and as Grundy is welding the door shut they are interrupted by a man claiming to be a delivery boy for an Orientan restaurant.  Grundy slaps him out of the way, inadvertently killing him.

Doc decides to start working his way up the stairs to the second floor.  Terry radios the squad to let them know that all the lights above the 2nd floor just went out, as Cappin busts open the loading bay door.

Doc arrives at the 2nd floor door and opens it, he is met with gunfire.  As the bullets pelt him and the door, he manages to drop back and close it, and doses kickstart and UV.

Cappin, hearing his brother hit makes his way quickly to the stairwell, proceeded by Grundy.  With the Morgan brothers forming a plan for the 2nd floor assault, Grundy heads up to the 3rd floor.

Terry leaves his perch to get a better position with Hunter who is now working his way through the front of the building and checking the first floor.

Grundy makes it to the 3rd floor and opens the door, and quickly closes it as bullets ricochet off his helmet, almost killing him.  Good thing he is a Stormer.

Hearing their friend eat lead upstairs, Cappin decides to change up their plan, opens the door just a crack and tosses in a fragmentation grenade.

The dilapidated building shakes a little with the explosion, and all goes quiet inside.

Outside, Terry is making his way around the building and sees two figures zip line through some buildings.  He immediately radios the members of the squad inside and Hunter comes back out to help.

Looking over the damage inside, the grenade has blasted a hole in the 3rd and 2nd floors, the blast probably enhanced a little by the Vito and Buzzard model Tek Trex drones...that now lay scattered in pieces.

Grundy heads for the roof to try and assist with the 2 fleeing figures while Cappin and Doc head for the 4th and 5th floors.

Hunter takes off on his powerboard to follow a van that he spots leaving at a high rate of speed, Terry moves to another building to take up position in case someone else decides to run for it.

Grundy opens the door to the roof expecting to run to the edge and zipline down with his rifle, but the bullets pounding into him force him back through the door.  On the roof are 4 DN operatives packing SMGs and automatic rifles!

Doc leaves Cappin to clear the 4th floor and heads up to the roof to assist Grundy.

Cappin, after doing some quick drug-addled thinking, decides the best idea is to blow a hole in the 5th floor and runs upstairs while Grundy and Doc form a plan of attack.

Cappin tosses his last grenade through the door to the 5th floor at the same time Grundy and Doc open the door to the roof, Grundy going high and full auto, Doc kneeling and going low with two 603s with a single hotline round in each.

Grundy and Doc manage to take out all four of the DN operatives on the roof, while Cappin looks at the hole in the floor and wonders why the ceiling is still mostly intact.

Hunter is still following the van, calls Shiver scaf support to try and get a tracker in the sky, but there are none available at the moment while Terry is moving up the side of an adjacent building.

Doc and Grundy use the two DN operatives in body armor to slide down the zipline, to a now empty corner, as Cappin starts to sweep the 5th floor and catches movement at a door towards the end of the hallway.

Cappin, realizing he has no more grenades, kicks open the door and trigger locks his 706 Power Reaper, the four DN operatives inside open up with their DN74 SMGs and DN80 rifles...and everything goes silent.

With Cappin not answering his headset, Terry checks the room through his scope as Grundy grabs Doc and starts to climb back up the zipline.  Fifteen blocks away, Hunter is still following the escaping van on his hoverboard.

Terry sees no movement in the room.

As Grundy and Doc make it into the room they find Cappin with his chest torn apart and his left leg completely missing.  Doc immediately calls for medical help and him and Grundy attempt to revive him.

About 20 blocks away, the backdoor of the van opens up and a hail of bullets from the DN operative impact into Hunters chest knocking him off his hoverboard at around 50mph.  If the bullets had not killed him, the impact and asphalt would have.

Unable to revive Cappin, Grundy heads out to recover Hunters body.

The Channel Resistance cell was broken and the BPN successful overall, but it was a hard-won battle.  Doc and Grundy headed home with lowered heads and sunken hearts to drink a few sorrows and watch TV.

During the episode of GoreZone, Jack makes an appearance, showing film of Cappin and Hunter dying...

Til next time...enjoy your game!