Saturday, April 6, 2013

Talislanta: Prologue

This will cover the first two sessions of the current campaign, mainly because it really did not get interesting until the game tonight.

First session:
Pretty simple start, Danuvian Virago and Zandir duelist have been hired by a Hadjin merchant to protect his carriage on the way north to Maruk to broker a deal for a large amount of Ogront dung.  While under attack from a Za raiding party, an Orgovian trader joins in the fight and is later hired on to fill one of the positions now left open from a dead guard.

Once in Maruk, the Hadjin merchant, proceeded by his Mandalan slaves (who are spritzing perfume on him) and his Hadjan attache', goes to broker a deal with a Marukan dung merchant.  Feeling slighted by the insults from the Marukan he leaves the Citystate, and our intrepid heroes, behind.

That ended the first session, mainly just to setup a little combat and get the PC's together in one place.

Second session:
Left in Maruk by the Hadjin, the Orgovian mentions that he has obtained a map to some treasure on the north side of the Marukan mountain range.  As the PC's discuss options, the Danuvian heads off to do...something (player was unable to make it due to illness) and they end up speaking with a Dhuna Warlock (player that was unable to make the first session) who is staying in the same inn.

The Zandir, completely uncomfortable with everything in Maruk because of the dung trade, wants to head off to Akmir to get supplies for the trip, the group agrees and heads south.

After resupplying in Akmir, the group again heads north, planning to bypass Maruk and get to some treasure-hunting!

On their way up the road they encounter a recently deceased Cymrillian, a quick exploration of the countryside via spyglass and they notice a cart being chased by Beastmen.  Again, they act heroically, running off the Beastmen and saving a Cymrillian woman.

As it turns out, the dead Cymrillian from before was her husband and they were on their way to Maruk to setup a home on land purchased in that area.

The PC's accompany the Cymrillian to the land her husband purchased.  To her dismay, the home is in ruins and the land looks fairly unusable for homesteading.  Realizing she has no way to homestead on her own, she agrees to trade the land for 2 Equs and supplies to the Orgovian.

Feeling pretty good about his trade, the Orgovian starts planning out what to do with the land and reads the deed...finding out that it is infested with Raknid!

After a brief discussion with the Zandir, mainly regarding how silly it was to trade two perfectly good equs and adventuring supplies for land in "poop-town," he concedes that it will provide them with a place to work from.

The Dhuna heads into town to find out what he can about the Marukan curse, with plans to remove it, and the Orgovian and Zandir start brain-storming about what to do with the Raknids.  They come to the conclusion that there has to be something beneficial to having Raknids around, and decide to turn the area into a ranch to raise Raknid for either material components...or food.

Stay tuned!