Thursday, February 2, 2012

DAZ|Studio4PRO, Bryce7PRO and Hexagon 2.5 FREE!

DAZ|Studio 4PRO, Bryce 7 PRO and Hexagon 2.5 for FREE!

Yes folks, it is true, all three of these simple 3D programs are up for grabs from DAZ3D for the entire month of February.

DAZ|Studio 4 PRO

THE easy to learn content manipulation software on the market today Studio comes packed with features, including the new Genesis figure with weight-mapping, 3delight render engine and ability to import all those crazy Poser freebies you can find online.  Perfect for character visualizations and still images, with enough animation tools to get you started in a fun way.

In addition, this free version is NOT the normally offered free version of the software.  This IS the PRO version containing the Content Creation Tools, Auto-Fit tool, Morph-loader, FBX Exporter, Photoshop Bridge, Hexagon Bridge and 64-bit compatibility.

Normally this software sells for over $400 and until February 29th, it is FREE!

Bryce 7 PRO

Bryce is a wonderful program, although the learning curve is a bit steeper than Studio due to the interface not being quite as intuitive (in my personal opinion) the capability and power of this program is easy to see when you follow one of the brief tutorials on the DAZ3D website.

Create beautiful skies, stunning landscapes and impressive HDRI images!

Hexagon 2.5

Hexagon is my modeler of choice for its simplicity of design.  While some programs may require the finesse of a rapier-wielding duelist, Hexagon charges forward like a hammer-swinging barbarian.  It gets the job done...and quickly.

In addition to basic modeling features, Hexagon also features Second Life sculties for your manipulation pleasure!

With all three of these programs on sale for the low price of FREE! anyone and everyone has the chance to have a wonderful 3D package at their fingertips with full forum support in a good community.

Go now, add to cart, checkout and start your downloads!  While waiting, check out the forums for some tips and tricks or the tutorial section of the website to get the basics in your mind before you even install the programs!

Most of all...HAVE FUN!