Saturday, February 25, 2012

Morphing Mace

Spent the last two days working on this, would have only taken a few hours if I did not have to keep going back and redoing things, lol, live and learn!

Modeled the mace in Hexagon with the plan to make a set of them, after some thought I concluded that it may be best to just incorporate all the other options in morph-form.

Not the best model in the world, but it got the job done and in the process I learned some very handy things:

1.  Have a plan!  Because if you do not, then what should only take a couple hours will take you a few days
2.  Setup the runtime BEFORE texturing, lol
3.  Have all the morphs and textures done BEFORE exporting as prop file

Thats about it.  Here is the final product:

Have already uploaded it to ShareCG as a freebie: Morphing Mace