Friday, June 29, 2012

Movin on up!

This week I had the privilege of purchasing PoserPro2012 to further my 3D forays, hang out with some old friends and get some good news at work.

Personal and work stuff aside, lets get down to the goodies.

I have again been modeling in Blender while learning Poser7 (while waiting for delivery of PP2012).  A couple of guns this time and a few other things that will remain on my HDD possibly for later sharing (doubtful though, still have some techniques to figure out).

 The two pistols I modeled, first one based off of the Tippmann Hero Paintball marker. Learned quite a bit considering I had to redo the grip 3 times to get it vaguely to where I wanted it.

Static OBJ format at the moment, will more than likely take it into Poser to make into a prop, if so, I will attempt to make the trigger pose-able.

Second project is based off of a Magpul design. The reference image I used actually makes it look like a pistol case that unfolds into a stock.

Not really happy with that, I turned it into more of a sci-fi bad movie prop.

Again, this is a render of the static OBJ in Blender and will be taken into Poser to create a prop for some fun.

Both, when finished, will end up on ShareCG unless some major overhauls go into play (doubtful, as in my mind the modeling is completely finished).

More to come!