Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SLA Industries: Session: le Duece

(yes, I mixed the languages in the title on purpose, to make you cringe...on to the recap)

Second session for the Squad "Out with a Bang."

Only three players were able to make it this time:
  • Grundy, played by Bob
  • Kr'snch, played by Ryan
  • Hunter, played by Brandon
Our story takes place a few days after the last, with the Shaktar and Wraith Raider healed of the wounds they sustained from the DN Snipers.

Grundy invited the squad over for a few drinks, but they had other ideas and convinced him to grab a quick BPN.

They nabbed a Blue from a financier(ish) contact they had met at Slayer's Crib during the last session.  The Financier Group known as "Flaming Turkeys" is an up-and-coming operation, still low on the pole, so their BPNs are never the good ones.

The Blue was a simple seek-and-destroy in the sewers, something was killing civilians near a hatch that had been broken during the previous days GoreZone episode in Downtown.

It was simple enough, the squad went in, had some fun with a 20 foot crocodile and got paid.

The highlights included:
  • Kr'snch being grabbed by the crocodile and unable to reach his melee weapons as it was trying to drag him into the sewage
  • Grundy jumping on the back of the crocodile to help his squadmate
  • Kr'snch was able to dodge a "deathroll" due to the Stormer holding onto the beast
  • Once free from the crocodile's mouth, Kr'snch was able to watch the crocodile try and shake the Stormer loose by rolling
  • The squad members being told by a Health and Safety agent not to speak of the crocodile
Was great fun!

We did call it a little early due to the rest of the squad not being able to make it, so it was pretty short.

The BPN was written a long time ago and can be found at, in the pdf titled "Several BPN's by Max Hattuer."  The title of the BPN was "The Basic Blue," due to the small squad size I reduced the number of crocodiles, also, having only the single crocodile seemed to fit the backstory better.

In retrospect, maybe I should have added in a time, my time...