Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SLA Industries Session Recap 3

Wanting to do a little more than combat BPNs, especially since the I/I was able to make it...failed, due to my botch of writing the White BPN before the game (ie, I did not).

Needless to say, almost everyone showed up, only missing one player out of 6.

So, wanting to continue the BPN route, the PC's get handed a Grey from Health and Safety.  Meeting with the corporate who issued the BPN, the players are instructed to remove a subversive from the Greenville Asylum Downtown.

Dr Griffin has been running unsanctioned experiments on his criminally insane patients and is to be exterminated (warrant provided).

The squad arrives at the Asylum to find a SHIVER APC outside, no SHIVERs to be found.  The SHIVERs were sent here to quell some disturbance inside the building.  A boot print on the door shows the entry was tactical as opposed to friendly.

The doors to the facility have since been chained shut from the inside, the Stormer unlocks the door easily, using the same method the SHIVERs used previously.

Nobody behind the counter but the PCs decide it would be in their best interest to sign-in and get visitor badges to follow protocol.  While obtaining the visitor badges behind they desk, the squad finds the body of a SHIVER, his Blocker Body Armor ripped open at the chest by what appears to be some kind of clawed hands, similar to a Stormer.

Most of the patients on this floor are locked in their rooms, and one of the rooms is filled with cocoon-like bags.  There are a few patients wandering around, but they are subdued by the squad using unorthodox tactics...the squad opened the staff break room and smashed open a vending machine.

Easily making their way to the end of the hall, the PCs come across a human male in a catatonic state wearing SLA Industries boxes instead of the normal blue pajamas of the patients.  Feelgood, the squad Medic, is able to bring him around a bit and the squad is provided the following information:  the men in the boxers are SHIVERs, they were attacked while answering a disturbance call by things that "came out of the walls."  Realizing the SHIVER is going to be useless in his current condition, the squad leaves him there.

The stairwell is empty aside from a large cocoon stuck in the corner.  The squad cuts the cocoon down carefully and opens it up to find a semi-concious human male inside, wearing blue coveralls, an orderly.

They take the orderly into the TV room and get him sitting next to the SHIVER.  And they take the orderlies keys.

Unlocking the stairwell gate blocking their ascent, the squad moves to the second floor.

The second floor hallway is covered in webbing, the lights flickering on and off, and more human-sized cocoons can be seen here and there along the floor.

The Wraith is attacked by 'something' in the webbing, the creature is quickly run off by a couple stabs from the Shaktar and Stormer, but somehow did not leave a path through the webbing.

Not feeling particularly comfortable with what is going on, the Brain Waster grabs a mob and pulls out her Klippo, seeing this happen, the Wraith grabs a fire extinguisher.

The webbing in the hallway goes up in flames, worried about the cocoons holding patients, the Stormer trips the fire suppression system, filling the hallway with foam...quick solidifying foam.

Two members of the squad are able to get out of the zone and avoid being caught in the foam.  They are then able to remove their squadmates.

Continuing very slowly down the hallway, because they are now having to cut their way through the foam, the Operatives make sure to check on the patients, cutting through the foam and checking the rooms.

Inside one room, there is a man in a doctors smock pounding on the door.  The operatives decide to leave him there for his safety...only to see his face hit the window and disappear.

The Stormer and Shaktar bust into the room, unable to see much with the flickering light, but the doctor is nowhere to be found.

Something sharp jabs into the stormers unarmored head and the Shaktar drops a tear gas grenade, but whatever attacked them is gone, the window to the outside broken and the bars bent outward.

The Stormer and Shaktar decide to follow whatever it was out the window and head towards the roof, the remaining three members will continue down the hall to reach the stairwell to the third floor.

Gaining access to the building from the roof and the stairwell, the squad gets back together before heading into the third floor, where the criminally insane, and their target await them...

to be continued...