Saturday, August 6, 2011


Toaster modeled in Blender.

It may seem like I am keeping things really simple, but it is the simple things you do that teach you the most.
Blender render

This particular model was easy, but it gave me lots of practice with extruding and adding edge loops for hard edge control.  In addition to that I learned how to use the curve tool to add the power cord.

Still learning more about the materials and UV mapping in Blender.

The entire model could have been more detailed, but I am keeping things as low poly and simple as possible:

  • There is no plug on the end of the cord
  • There are no prongs where the cord plugs into the toaster
  • There are no holes for the toaster prongs to plug into the cord
  • The wire mesh that heats up the bread is missing
  • The bottom mesh that raises the bread when it is done is just two simple planes
Already thinking about my next project for Blender.

Still on the learning block is more texturing/materials, cloth, liquid, rigging and particles.  Should be an interesting week as I go about learning everything.

Also going to work on importing clothes from Marvelous Designer into Blender for the cloth simulation.

Still have not found a way to successfully load in reference planes or use the topology tools, so that should probably be on the list of learning goals also.

Off to do some more!