Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bill Nye and Ken Ham/Evolution vs Creationism Debate, My Thoughts

Disclaimer:  I am a Creationist, I believe that man was created by God.  I also believe that my faith has no bearing on science, or scientific breakthroughs with the universe at large, and I think that science is REALLY AWESOME STUFF!  I am also stating publicly, I am not a scientist.  This post is merely to explain some basic precepts.

So, by now just about everyone has seen, heard about or watched clips of the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate titled, "Is Creation a Viable Model for the Origins of Life in Today's Modern Scientific Era?"

The debate is still available at for those that would like to see it in full.

When we sat down to watch the debate I was expecting a debate.  A discussion of evidence and theory.

What I saw was two men on a stage, one trying to add to a discussion that needs to be had, the other politicking, insulting the intelligence of the audience and hand-waving or even completely ignoring evidence.

Ken Ham delivered Creationism at an elementary-middle school level, touching only on the basics, this was a debate after-all and not a full on discourse on the subject.  All the while, admitting that science is awesome, and fun.  The only theory at issue is the Origins of Life.

Bill Nye did everything he could to dance around the Origins of Life, pointing out that a particular type of Nuclear Science is not taught in Kentucky (which, I am sure is also not taught in many other states due to the specialty of the field), begging taxpayers to keep funding science education and insulting the intelligence of those that do not believe in evolution as presented.

People, including Mr Nye, seem to fail at understanding a simple concept:  Christians and Creationists DO NOT HATE SCIENCE!  We love it!  By using logic and experimentation we get to explore God's Creation.

Please remember, WE LOVE SCIENCE!

The Theory of Evolution is not observable science, as it pertains to the Origins of Life.


We are not trying to discuss evolution as it pertains to dogs and wolves, or horses and zebras.  We get that.  We can observe that, we can experiment with it, we except that as truth kind breeds same kind.

What Creationists do not believe, that the textbooks and majority rule (as Mr Nye pointed out again and again), is that Man evolved from Ape, which evolved from small mammalian insectivores, which evolved from reptiles, which evolved from fish, which evolved from something similar to a sea squirt, which evolved from a sort of plankton, which evolved from a multi-celled ameoboid, which evolved from a single-celled amoeboid, which evolved from a soup that was nothing more than water drainage off of rocks that just happened to be struck by lighting and just the right mathematically impossible moment.

Evolutionists tend to lump that one disbelief in with a disbelief in science in general, stating that Creationists are nothing more than 'backwards hicks with no education.'  But there are plenty of scientists who believe in Creationism.

There is actually MORE observable and documented evidence for Creation than there is for Evolution.  Of course, the only people exposing it are Creationists, but in case you are curious in learning more about Creation Science, for any reason, INCLUDING debunking, please check out the free seminars from Kent Hovind.

The main point of Creationist thought: expose and remove the lies in the science textbooks.  When something is proven false, remove it.

For example, Embryogenesis today shows us that every animal embryo is different, and looks different from one another at every stage of development.  So why are we still putting in the textbooks that the human embryo goes through a 'fish-stage?'

Many of the fossils used to prop up Evolutionary Theory have been debunked, with science!  So why are we still using them as 'evidence' to teach evolution to our children?

Simply put, the false evidence is left in the books to continue to indoctrinate our children into a belief system that has no room for morality, life value or free-thinking.

Evolutionary Theory is NOT SCIENCE, it is a BELIEF SYSTEM based on faith.  The same as Christianity and Creationism.

So, where is your 'Separation of church and state' now?